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Social Responsibility Report

After Hamo relocation site of Laos was hit by a rare windstorm on April 21, 2016, CSG staff immediately bought materials and helped victims repair their houses.

CSG actively shoulders corporate social responsibilities and continuously optimizes models to ensure power supply。 The company has ensured power supply to a series of major events , including CPC 18th Plenary Congress, 70th anniversary of the V-Day ,Shenzhen Universiade and Bo’ao Forum with “zero accident, zero error and zero compliant”。

Based on the advantages and resources of the company, a volunteer information management system was built to enable volunteers from various areas to provide multi-domain voluntary services, transmitting the Positive Energy of CSG. 90,000 hours of voluntary services were provided by 21,370 people in one year.

CSG proactively involves in poverty-relief, in total , CSG has donated RMB 362 million for charity programs. CSG-funded water wells, aqueducts and water storages in water scarce areas in western China have been well received by the local people.


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